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Custom Framing

Free advice on frame design and colour ideas for
  • Works on paper (photographs, watercolours, pastels)
  • Tapestries
  • Canvas
  • Objets d'art
  • Shadow frame
  • Book frames
  • Sporting memorabilia
  • War medals, etc.
  • Mirrors, bevelled edge or flat

Specialised Products

Pre-primed canvas on a sturdy stretcher frame to any size, never warps or bows. Beautiful to paint on. Examples of price:

600 x 450mm
900 x 600mm
900 x 1200mm
1200 x 1200mm

Plantation pine stained and finished on own premise, offered as alternative to rainforest timbers.

Recycled timbers sanded and made into custom-made frames; particularly suit older style pictures.

Other Services
  • Restoration and cleaning of old artworks and frames
  • Torn canvas repaired and retouched
  • Supply of prints from all major catalogues
  • On-site picture hanging service
  • Supply and installation of gallery hanging systems